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REVIEW: A Good Day To Die Hard

REVIEW: A Good Day To Die Hard

Movie Trailer - A Good Day to Die Hard

Rating: R

Review form Derek Sante - Review Nation

Willis keeps bringing the bang for your buck!

John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back and ready to save the day. With the day in question belonging to his son Jack (Jai Courtney) who has fallen on bad times by being arrested in Moscow for murder. Making the trip to show his fatherly understanding, john is surprised to find out his estranged son is an undercover agent.

Ruining the family reunion is a Russian whistleblower, a well laid plan that falls apart and many heavily armed men with the McClane boys in their sights. And as everyone knows, "the family that dodges bullets together, stays together!"

While I could go deeper into the plot, I'm going to back off to save you some surprises. Truth be told, the story is pretty thin and formulaic in many respects. That isn't really an issue though because most people buying tickets are going for the character itself. Awaiting the "Yippee Kai Yay", the unbelievable odds and the smug smirk as Willis shares in the joke that he and the audience share, he's the star and the bad guys are going down.

As a side note, the action is pretty fun with some extreme stunts, car chases, explosions and gun fights. So feel free to indulge in this new chapter, you can always return to your high-brow artistic nature by watching the Oscars.

Grade: B-

Review from Shelli Sonstein - Clear Channel:

The 5th in the franchise is the blessedly the shortest because it’s also the worst

Bruce Willis’ classic smirk is always a welcome  sight but it doesn’t bring much  joy this time.  This isn’t an awful film,  it just pales in comparison with the first 4.

Still a member of the NYPD, John McClane heads to Russia when he finds out his estranged son is in prison there. That’s also when he finds out his son  is a CIA operative, working undercover. Yep- a  chip off the old block.

This one needs more  Bruce. Period. More  script. More political subtext.  More Willis  one-liners. Instead , we  o.d. on impossibly loud  music and explosions, fireballs and villain after villain, speaking in Russian , making for about a third of the movie being subtitled. The action actually gets dull, despite all the obligatory plot twists. 

Willis is physically  up for the challenge at 57. He just needs more to work with next time. Yes- there will be a 6th in this franchise. And audiences so love  this character, expect a good day at the box office, despite the film not living up to its smart title.

2 stars


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