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Keeping the vulnerable from getting lost

Keeping the vulnerable from getting lost

Technology may provide some peace of mind to caregivers with a parent, child or loved one that might wander.

Albany County is joining Project Lifesaver, a national program that uses a band transmitter which is worn around a client’s wrist or ankle. If the client wanders off and gets lost emergency workers will be able to locate them based on the radio frequency.

Sheriff Craig Apple tells News Radio 810 and 103.1 WGY that the devices are much like a wrist watch.  The band, which could not be casually taken off, is battery operated.  Every 6 months a deputy will visit the client to replace the battery.

Benefits are two-fold: The individual’s safety is protected, and the costs associated with searches are minimized.

Money seized from drug and other crimes is being used to finance Project Lifesaver. Sheriff Apple says each transmitter costs over 300 dollars, but they will be available with a $100 deposit. The deposit would be waived for those in financial need. 

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